Supercharge your Business with a Spring Clean

Supercharge your Business with a Spring Clean

Spring feels like it has finally sprung! It’s funny how our mental energy changes in the Springtime with the return of fresh air, flowers blooming and the sun shining. This change in season is also a great opportunity for businesses to refresh and recharge as well.

I love a good spring clean! How about you?

Here are some ideas to help you spring clean your business:

Automate your Processes

Have a look at what software and tools you are using and if there is any way you can automate processes using technology to help streamline and improve your operations. This can be done by integrating your software and hardware using apps like Zapier to help free up time.

Go Paperless

The more you digitise, the more ways you can get rid of any paper processes and operate in the most efficient way possible. Having online document storage solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive are great as well as using tools like DocHub for creating PDF forms, editing and requesting signatures.

Get Your Email Inbox to Zero

Inbox zero is a term that refers to getting your email inbox down to zero by deleting, forwarding or filing. If you have hundreds of emails and it’s too much to handle, move them to an ‘unread’ folder and dedicate time later.

Unsubscribe from Newsletters

Do you constantly get those emails that keep popping up and wondered how do I end up on so many email lists? If you are not opening certain emails at least once a fortnight or once per month it’s time to unsubscribe, don’t get inbox overwhelm! Use a tool called which lets you roll-up the newsletters you do want to keep into a single email message and bulk unsubscribe from those you don’t want anymore.

Optimise your Website

This is a good time to look over your website, make changes, update images and optimise your headings and metadata descriptions. More and more people these days are also browsing via phones and tablets, so it’s all about keeping it simple, the less complex your website, the higher Google will rank it. If you need help with this or SEO in general check out Luss Digital.

Organise your Desk, Drawers and Cords

Clean off your desk, empty your drawers into a box and start putting items back as you need them. Be ruthless and get as much clutter out of your workspace as possible. There is also nothing worse than tangled cords under your desk, so tidy them up with some cable ties or get a cable box and charging station.

Buy New Office Supplies

There’s nothing like feeling refreshed and totally in the zone than with some new pens, notepads and so much more! You could go crazy right, and so you should! Check out the new Hey Control Freak Scribbly AF Notepad and Erasable Pens.

The last thing I like to do is light up the room with some beautiful fresh flowers and a warmly scented candle which creates an immediate sense of calm.

I love SPRING! How about you?

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