Accountabillity Circle

Now’s the time to take Control

How The Accountability Circle Works

A great way to stay accountable is to surround yourself with people who have a similar mindset to you. Having a supportive group of people that are committed, can really help you remain focused and stay true to your word.

An Accountability Circle is a small group (no more than eight individuals) who meet regularly and focus on helping members meet goals. You can form a group with friends, colleagues, or other peers who are working towards fulfilling their goals, even if you are pursuing different projects and achievements.

Members may have personal, professional, financial, or other types of tasks and to-do items to tackle. But no matter your goals, you will meet once a month to discuss progress over the past month and set new priorities and goals for the month ahead. Members of the group keep each other accountable through support, routine check-ins, advice, and mutual effort.

Accountability Circle With Rhiannon


  • $30 per month (minimum 6 month commitment)

Members will meet once a month and gain peer feedback in a collaborative environment to ensure accountability and accomplish extraordinary results.

Gain and provide support and inspiration from an awesome community environment. Learn from others what you need to achieve your goals.

  • Registrations Required
  • Members will have access to a private Facebook Group