Coffee & Connect with Business In Common

Wednesday 6th March 9.30am
Kent Street Deli (Event Space), Rockingham

Join this session with Rhiannon McDonald and Julie Daniels from The Tranquil Soul Wellbeing Centre where they’ll go through simple steps to handle overwhelm and take care of health, wellness and business. These short gatherings will give you a fresh approach to business issues that are relevant to you and your business.

Shut Up & Work!

Thursday 28th March 9.30am
Kent Street Deli (Event Space), Rockingham

These FREE Shut Up & Work sessions aim to help you work more productively in a supportive and collective environment. Come along, set tasks for the day and work until you achieve them. Your tasks can be anything work, research, planning or writing related. Bring your laptop and notepad and take control of your time.

How To Get More Done Workshop

Friday 29th March 9.30am
The Small Business Lounge, 395 Oxford Street, Mt Hawthorn

Do you ever have that feeling you just need more hours in the day? Can’t seem to get through the backlog of tasks on your never-ending “to-do” list? We live in a world full of distractions, pressures and demands. Sometimes what we need to do is a personal organisational audit and find ways to implement strategies, systems and tools for growth.