Strategic Planning Workbook



Are you ready to leverage your business and set some BIG goals for the year ahead?

Start being more strategic about the direction you’re headed and start planning!

A strategic plan provides the framework for decision-making so you can stay on track to achieving your desired results and remain focused.  The foundation of a strategic plan is your commitment to accomplish goals and take advantage of opportunities to grow your business.

Download Annual Strategic Planning Workbook to create a strategic focus that accelerates your business and provides encouragement and accountability.

This workbook is an easy to follow guide including revision, development and implementation of strategic objectives, so you can develop your own One Page Strategic Plan, which will become your roadmap for success:

  1. How Did I Get Here
  2. Clarify your Vision
  3. Evaluate Trends and Competitors
  4. Self and Team Evaluation
  5. Define your Business Objectives and Set Goals
  6. Map Out Actions Steps and Direction
  7. Identify Sales Targets and Tactics
  8. Assess Your Financial Position and Targets
  9. Examples of Strategic Objectives
  10. One Page Strategic Plan

Be committed and stay committed!