5 Qualities For A Productive Mindset

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5 Qualities For A Productive Mindset

Everyone is busy, everyone has their own stresses in life. But it’s how we deal with those stresses that sets people apart. Have you ever been in a situation where you constantly feel like you are busy all the time but not actually getting anything done? It’s not because you’re lazy or you don’t want to accomplish your tasks, it’s because of your mindset.

Your mindset is the foundation for everything you do in life. There are so many skills and attributes that we acquire during our lifetime, luckily most of them can be learned and strengthened with a willingness to continually grow.

So what is a productive mindset? Having a productive mindset means that you have a clear vision and are focused on your goals and using all resources at your disposal in order to achieve those goals in an organised manner.

These 5 qualities are what you need to cultivate a productive mindset so you can start accomplishing your tasks, intentions and goals:


Whatever you choose to do, it is usually backed by some sort of motivation. If you aren’t motivated to accomplish things, then it’s going to be pretty hard to be productive. We need something that pulls us toward achieving the success we desire.

Establish clear motivations to help your productivity mindset. From the every day “spend one on one time with the children after school” to big picture “be in a position to lead, inspire and help others”. Identify what motivates you to succeed in what you do. Make these motivations visible and hold them close to you and use them to help you get through your day productively.


Persistence is what keeps us going especially when things get hard. Sometimes motivation won’t be enough to get you through those hard times. But being persistent and never giving up is what leads us to long-term success.

We will all have struggles to deal with, obstacles to overcome. Being persistent is a key driver for moving ourselves forward. Having a persistent quality will strengthen your willpower and contribute to your productive mindset.


Our attitude is a big contributor to how we live our lives and how we view things. A positive attitude is a must in order to achieve successful results. Some things are outside of our control, but you can control your attitude and how you feel about things. Viewing things with a positive mindset will help you remain productive, have a happy outlook and accomplish your goals.

Stay positive, continue to work on your productivity and the results will come! Don’t let those negative thoughts rule your life, it’s your choice and you get to decide.


In order to remain productive and not let overwhelm take over, you need to focus on one thing at a time. Having too many things on your list of tasks actually makes you less productive, your task list becomes chaotic.

Try categorising your tasks into Now (essential or non-negotiable tasks), Next (tasks you would like to get done, not urgent) and Later (tasks that can be postponed). Pick one to three tasks each day that you feel is essential for you to accomplish. If you complete those you will feel a sense of achievement and will help you to keep being productive.


Being fully aware, in the moment and present can really help you toward clarity and maintaining a productive mentality.

Make sure you are being mindful and intentional on the tasks you are trying to achieve. Everything you work on should align with your greater goals. Become more aware of those greater goals and what you need to do in order to accomplish them.

If you have trouble reaching your goals, take a look at your mindset. Do you strive toward these qualities? A productive mindset is a must in order to accomplish goals and be a success in your own eyes.

Having a productive mindset will set you up to achieve more than what you thought was possible. See how it can influence your life and increase your productivity.

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