How to Stay Productive over School Holidays

How to Stay Productive over School Holidays

The school holidays can be a super distracting time especially if you work from home! How on Earth are you expected to feed, entertain and supervise your kids while tackling a busy workday? You want to give your children the attention they deserve all the while trying to remain focused and actually get some work done.

Expectations of ourselves are to keep tabs on all aspects of our business while simultaneously being a full-time parent. Harder done than said! Here are some ways you can stay productive over the school holidays and help keep your working day sane:

Make a Plan

Come up with a plan you can you can follow for the entire school holidays. Start planning 2-4 weeks before school holidays start. Figure out what tasks are important to you over the school holiday period and when they need to be completed. Then research school holiday activities for the children. Create a schedule for when you and the children need to do what and stick to you it.

I like to plan out my days into morning, midday and afternoon. Then block out periods for either work or play and make sure they’re balanced between work and children. The reason this works is that it cuts out decisiveness when you’re distracted it’s a lot harder to make decisions and plan. It’s simply a matter of getting down to business when your plan is in place.

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Don’t Multitask

When you’ve blocked out your work time stick to one task at a time, this is called ‘single-tasking’. Don’t try to get as many jobs done as possible, carefully list your top 3 tasks you want to achieve during this block of time, then don’t move onto the next until you finish the first one.

You can’t afford to waste time with the little time you do have and by limiting your tasks to your top 3 it won’t be as overwhelming. I also like to get my children involved in my to-do tasks, for example preparing for dinners, baking, cleaning out the arts & crafts cupboard etc. Essentially you are completing tasks and spending time with the kids all at once, winner!

Take Time Off

Between trying to get work done and simultaneously being a full-time parent can wear us thin. One of the easiest ways to actually stay productive during school holidays is to take some time off. Schedule in time to do something with your children then schedule in time to do something for yourself.

By planning for time off, it will give you a chance to recharge. School holidays can be stressful and parents can get very distracted. By taking a little time away with the family or yourself will keep you refreshed and ready to take on challenges of work when you’ve planned for those time blocks.

Hopefully, these tips help a little over the school holidays so you can make sure you stay productive. Striking a balance is a skill, and not always an easy one, but if you find it you can negotiate all that work as well as spending time with your children and having a wonderful holiday!

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  • Cha Higginson
    Posted at 04:36h, 03 July Reply

    Thanks for the tips and reminders! Really great post x

    • Rhiannon McDonald
      Posted at 06:46h, 03 July Reply

      Thanks Cha. I know I need all the help I can get! I’m glad this helps others.

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