Working Collectively Improves Productivity

Working Collectively Improves Productivity

Are you experiencing isolation at work? Looking for some inspiration, guidance and someone to be that sounding board? Working collectively is a great way to develop a positive attitude toward your work, regain focus and improve your productivity.

We all know that sometimes we just need to shut up and work in order to get our work done, sometimes this is easier said than done. The power of working together in a collaborative environment is where the magic happens!

I host a regular monthly series called “Shut Up & Work” and this is how it works:

Single Tasking

Based on the ‘Pomodoro Technique’ the mornings are broken into 45-minute focused work sessions with 15-minute breaks. For each work period, you should dedicate that time to completing one task before moving onto the next. If you only finish the one task over the entire morning that’s OK, if you achieve more that’s OK too. Depending on the type of task it may take more focus and time but what you do have is the encouragement of others to help increase your productivity and momentum.

“Shut Up & Work” Time

When it’s time to get working, we switch everything off and focus on that one task you have planned. This means you only think about what you choose to work on and nothing else. This also means no social media or answering phones and emails.

Scheduled Regular Breaks

The best part of the morning! Great coffee, biscuits and cake and a chance to chat with other like-minded people who are going through something similar to you. Scheduling regular breaks help to reduce stress, you feel more motivated and it gives you something to look forward to.

Share and Connect

After we “Shut Up & Work” during our regular breaks it’s great to connect with others in the group, share goals, tasks, challenges and successes. Sharing what you want to achieve with others and using each other for accountability and a sounding board can be a powerful motivator.


It’s important to go over what you actually achieved during the morning, what worked well for you or could you approach your tasks in a different way. Reflecting on our achievements and our progress is a great way to stay focused and create momentum.

Working collectively with others can help develop strong relationships which can result in higher morale and a better work environment. Try it! You may be surprised…

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